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7 Keys to Success

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 Discipleship - 5 Pillars of Christianity
The 5 Pillars of Christianity

What Happens After You Win a Soul for Christ?
Do you remember Jesus' analogy of the Farmer sowing seed?
In agricultural when the farmer plants a seed and it germinates what does he do to ensure it blossoms and bears fruit?
Does he leave the young plant to fend for itself? Or does he nurture it until it's sufficiently mature to stand on it's own?
There's a vital principle in Network Marketing that every successful entrepreneur knows and practices... The Fortune is in the 
Follow Up!
After you make your initial presentation you always revisit your prospect while your message is still fresh in their mind and get 
them rooted and grounded in your company's philosophy so they get off to the best start possible for their own success.
In evangelizing the lost there is no difference. Taking special care of our new converts is vital to effectively building the kingdom 
of God. We must get them rooted and grounded in God's kingdom principles as soon as possible.
How do we ensure they get off to the right start? 

We Teach Them...
The 5 Pillars of Christianity
1) Christian Fellowship
2) The Word of God
3) The Holy Spirit
4) Effective Prayer
5) Evangelism & Discipleship

Christian Fellowship


Local church - Where should you recommend the New Convert to fellowship?

Each soul is like a flower and the Body of Christ is like a Garden divided into many flower beds
Each local church is like a specially prepared bed offering a particular type of soil for a specific kind of flower to grow in
Each person has to find the right flower bed to grow best in... As the Christian Worker that may be your own church or not
Encourage the New Convert to find the RIGHT place to worship for them... not for you or your Pastor
How to find the right local church - Ask God for direction on where to fellowship and be led by the peace in your heart


The Word of God


The Authority of God's Word

The Bible is The Constitution of the Kingdom of God

Proof the Bible is God's Inspired Word
The Assurance of Salvation

The Covenant of Grace vs. Law


The Holy Spirit

Who He is - Almighty God - Our Mentor/Partner/Friend

He is to us what Jesus was to the Apostles - Just more effective because under the New Covenant He lives inside of us
transforming and empowering us from within

Why do we need Him?

For power to be an effective witness - He is Our Partner in Ministry
The 9 Gifts of the Spirit in Operation

How do we get Him?

His Indwelling Presence vs. His Infilling Power

The 9 Fruit of the spirit in manifestation


Effective Prayer

What is Prayer? 

Prayer is a Tri-partite Operation Consisting of:

1. Talking to God
2. Listening to God
3. Obeying God

In prayer God will give you 7 things:

a) Answers to Questions
b) Solutions to Problems
c) Instructions to Obey
d) Correction from Errors
e) Comfort & Encouragement
f) Guidance and Direction
g) Revelation of the Past, Present and Future

Evangelism & Discipleship

Our Goal is Spiritual Reproduction - It is the Prime Directive of the Human Race

Evangelism and Discipleship is Fulfilling Mankind's Original Mandate

It is the Prime Directive of the First Covenant  - Be Fruitful - Multiply - Dominate

It is the Prime Directive of the Present Covenant - Go, then, to all peoples everywhere and make them my disciples

Teach New Converts to put this same Bible Study Course into practice
Introduction  :::  7 Keys to Success  :::  Conclusion